The FAA wants to track most drones:

Here's how it will work

The FAA has proposed a new drone tracking system that could help launch more commercial drones.. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has made a proposal to facilitate remote monitoring of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. The rules, which would apply to all drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds, are intended to facilitate the identification of unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly commercial remote-controlled drones.

According to the proposed rules, drones should transmit their identification and location information (like a transponder in a piloted plane) and the same data via an Internet connection, most likely via a portable controller. . If a drone is to be used within 400 feet of a controller or base station, it is only subject to the latter requirement.

The proposal states that all drones must comply with the new rule three years after their entry into force. UAVs made in the United States would be required. USA They will be available in two years, while older drones will have an additional year to meet the standard.

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