Parrot Anafi Drone Review: Excellent foldable video drone

Parrot Anafi Drone Review: Excellent foldable video drone


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The Anafi is Parrot’s game for the new category of drones, small enough to fit in a backpack or hiking bag, but good enough to capture high-quality videos of the breathtaking views you discover. And that’s a good thing: the Anafi for $ 699 is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the Mavic Air, and also records high-quality 4K video. However, it’s not perfect: we found that the wind hit it too easily.

Updated October 25:
Parrot extends Anafi’s video capabilities with a software update newly available with HDR +, a diabolical zoom function, a hyperlapse mode which can accelerate footage 240 times and a slow mode, footage 120 fps recordings. . In November, another update will add panorama mode to the drone’s cheat bag. An Anafi Extended package, valued at $ 799, includes the drone, a shoulder bag, three batteries and two months of free access to Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.

The Anafi is very small: when stored, the drone fits into the included case of only 10.8 x 3.5 x 3 inches, the size of a water bottle. The controller does not fit in this case, but is also small and folds only 6 x 3.7 x 3 inches. With the hard case for drone included, the suit weighs only 2 pounds, which makes it significantly smaller and lighter than the Mavic Air and the GDU O2. It’s incredibly portable packaging.

The camera can be rotated up and down so that photos can be taken from below, e.g. B. a photo of you on a bridge while the drone is flying below.
At the front of the Anafi’s long, slender body is the camera, a white dial, which is mounted on a small three-axis gimbal and allows pan, tilt and rotation. The camera can rotate up and down so you can take photos from below, such as a photo of yourself on a bridge while the drone is flying below, which the Mavic Air cannot. The gimbal is a bit fragile but is protected against impact by two extensions of the case, and we found that it remained intact despite several hard landings. A lens cap fits over the camera; Be sure to remove it before flying and replace it when you put it back in the case.

At the back of the drone’s body is a large 2,700 mAh lithium-ion battery that is held securely in place. The included 16 GB microSD card, which stores photos and videos, fits under the battery.

The controller is compact, but seems rather irregular and seems a bit inappropriate next to the drone. However, it is well designed, sits well in the hand and offers many controls, including the two standard control sticks as well as the shoulder buttons and levers for video control, gimbal and zoom functions digital.

Application and application controls
The FreeFlight 6 app, available for iOS and Android, provides a preview of the drone’s camera video and a selection of on-screen controls. You can use the application alone or with the controller. In both cases, you can use the application to activate the different recording modes and plan and activate a flight plan on a map. It is a simple and straightforward application that works well with the flight controller. Once you have registered the drone with Parrot, the application also stores the flight details available on the company’s website.

Flight performance
In manual flight mode, the Anafi is a fast and agile drone that can move quickly and maneuver quickly. Parrot claims a top speed of just under 35 miles an hour, and that sounds fair; We were able to record the drone at a fast flight level of 27 miles an hour. It’s a little slower than the Mavic Air, which can go up to 40 miles an hour, but it’s fast enough for everyone except drone racers.

Anafi does not contain Mavic Air collision detection, so it likes to fly in a tree or a building.
SmartDronies mode offers multiple shots for the variety of selfies. This includes the boomerang, in which the drone flies at a defined distance, then returns back; Tornado, in which the drone turns around you in larger and larger circles while the camera remains focused on you; and the orbit and the satellite dish, in which the drone flies in a semicircle (or in the satellite dish), begins in front of you and ends behind you.

In Touch & Fly mode, the drone flies to the location you selected on the screen map, with the control buttons adjusting the orientation and the height. It’s a good tip for trying to focus on designing your photo instead of worrying about flying the drone. However, keep in mind that Anafi does not include Mavic Air collision detection, so it likes to fly in a tree or building if you don’t take into account how you get there.

In Follow Me mode, the camera automatically tracks a selected object, tilts the camera, and moves the drone to keep the same distance between the subject and the drone. We have found that these shots work very well because the camera follows a person without problems in changing lighting conditions. However, caution is also required here, as there is no frontal collision detection.

Finally, you can use the flight plan to create a flight plan based on a reference point that the drone will follow on request. This is useful if, for example, you want to film the same location on different stations or do a time-lapse for construction work.

The advertisement
The Anafi also includes some sophisticated video modes: hyperlapse and slow motion. Hyperlapse is a time-lapse effect that records videos at a few frames per second and plays them at 30 fps. The slow motion effect records video at 60 frames per second and plays it at 30 frames per second, which halves the speed. It’s a cool feature, but not as cool as the 240 frames per second that devices like the iPhone 8 can handle.

The Anafi is a small drone and this turns out to be one of the drawbacks. It is quite sensitive to gusts of wind. It does a decent balance, but a sudden gust of wind or a change of direction creates a visible bump in the video.

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One advantage, however, is that the Anafi is much quieter than most drones. While most drones (including other small drones like the Mavic Air) are fairly noisy, the Anafi is relatively quiet. It looks like a group of angry bees that are mostly inaudible about 20 feet apart. In contrast, the Mavic Air looks like an angry bear, even at greater distances.

Video and photo quality
We were impressed with the quality of the video recorded by Anafi. He had lots of details and flowing, natural movements in 4K and HD modes. Regardless of how the video was recorded, we found that it was very stable and showed no signs of blurring or shading.

Unfortunately, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) video functionality that Parrot advertised as one of Anafi’s best-selling outlets was not yet available when we tested the drone. We will update this assessment when this feature is launched.

Digital zoom is an unusual feature: with the shoulder switch on the controller, you can zoom up to 2.8 times when recording 4K videos and up to 3 times when recording videos HD. This is a digital zoom, so there is no physical zoom. However, the quality is quite good. Although we noticed a slight smoothness when zooming in on the longest shot, the video still looked pretty good.

Flight time

Parrot reports that the Anafi’s flight time can reach 25 minutes, but we found that it generally took a few minutes before this complaint: approximately 20 to 22 minutes of flight. This is fairly typical of a drone of this size and a bit shorter than Mavic Air’s 27-minute flight time. Unlike previous Parrot drones, only one battery is included. A replacement battery costs $ 99.

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The Anafi does not contain a charger. Instead, the batteries are charged via the USB Type-C connector on the back of the battery. This means that the charging speed depends on what you have connected, as different types of USB ports and chargers can supply different amounts of electricity. For best results, use a USB-C charger for a modern cell phone or laptop. With a Samsung USB-C charger, we were able to charge the battery in about 60 minutes.

Detached pieces
It was easy for us to replace the spare parts for the Anafi, such as the battery and the propeller blades. The latter requires an Allen key (included in delivery). So don’t forget to keep it in your suitcase. Two complete sets of replacement rotor blades are included. A replacement battery costs $ 99, but the price for a set of replacement propeller blades was not available when we tested the drone.

The Anafi parrot has a lot to like. It is one of the most compact and complete drones we have ever tried. It is packaged in a small package the size of a water bottle that easily fits in a backpack. And when you arrive at your destination, you can easily take off and fly the drone. The Anafi offers a good selection of flight modes for taking interesting photos. The recorded video is quite good as it offers clean and smooth videos with lots of details.



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Product specification:

It folds as small as a bottle of water.
New OcuSync transmission system
ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart functions
Obstacle avoidance combined with sensor redundancy
Visual positioning coupled with GPS and GLONASS

Once you get the DJI Mavic Pro and start removing everything from the box, you should expect the following.

The Mavic Pro drone
car charger
main charger
battery charger
Battery adapter to power bank
Two smart batteries
Two sets of propellers 8330
Three pairs of propellers
remote control
Shoulder Bag

Micro SD card
Micro-USB cable
electric cable
RC cable, standard micro USB connector
RC cable, lightning plug
Two RC cable sliders
Three textbooks
Two guides


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Best Drone

Hikers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the portability and image quality of the Parrot Anafi drone


  • Compact
  • Portable package
  • Easy to unpack and fly
  • Excellent video
  • Very quiet


  • No collision detection
  • More vulnerable to wind
  • Buffeting than larges drones
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DJI Mavic Pro


February 14th 2020

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